Competing for digital comic dreams…

Just over a year ago, after putting the final touches on a graphic novel script adapting “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” a question popped into my head. “What if the story of Jekyll and Hyde was real?” And then, “What if Stevenson based his story from personal experience rather than making it up from whole cloth?”

What, indeed. I started to chase the idea round and round until I had a story to tell, and I knew from the outset that comics was the medium and Zuda was the place to tell it. HydeBound took shape, and then the quest for an artist began.

Along the way I met (virtually) many artists, some who were willing but lacked the experience, some with the experience but were unwilling, and still others with the will and amazing talent, but whose style wasn’t the right fit. Then fortune smiled on me and I met Thomas Leblanc. Thomas was willing, interested in the subject matter, locked on to the story, and was oozing talent. The one thing he, and to a certain extent I, lacked was time.

It took a year to work through the process, he and I snatching whatever time we could spare, piecing this story together, and then enter the competition. Two months later we received word we would be in the April competition and then had to sit on our hands to keep from telling the world until after the competition began.

And that brings us to today.

Take a moment to check out the April competition – and I do mean all of it. Each of these entries is a labor of love and the result of a lot of hard work and a great deal of care. Each deserves the time to look it over and appreciate. When you are done, register on the site (it just takes a moment or two) and then vote for the comic you want to see win. Don’t just vote, though, also mark it a favorite, rank it in stars and leave a comment or three, as all of these things will help it to win. And don’t forget to spread the word.

And make sure to do all that for HydeBound.

Yes, I do want you to vote for the comic you want to see win, the one you would enjoy coming back week after week to see the story unfold. I don’t want you to vote for HydeBound just because I asked. If you don’t think HydeBound is the comic to vote for, I only ask one thing – give us the chance to persuade you. I am confident we can show you what we believe to be true – that HydeBound is the story to vote for, that our comic will be the one to take you on an adventure in the weeks and months (and possibly years!) ahead that you will eagerly return to again and again.

That’s my say on day one, outside of a great, hearty thanks to all those who have already read the comic and voted.

Now it is time to celebrate briefly and then back to work making HydeBound this month’s Zuda contest winner!

All the best,



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