How to vote for HydeBound

For HydeBound to win it needs votes, and lots of’em. To vote you need to register – it is very simple. Here is the quick and dirty on how to go about it:

1. On the home page of you will see this:

2. Click on HydeBound to read the comic, or you may have followed a link like this one and gone directly to the comic. This is what you will see:

3. Next- read HydeBound! Full screen is the best, and if you want to see some of the awesome art (thanks to Master Thomas Leblanc) use the Zoom tool. When you are done, exit full screen and get ready to help us win!  See that box on the right? That is where you will vote, rank the comic in stars and make it one of your favorites. If you have a Zuda account you can do that now, otherwise, look above that box to see this:

4. Log in there if you have an account, or click “Sign Up!”, which takes you to:

5. See? Easy! Five questions, a security code (got to make sure you aren’t a robot!) and agree to the Terms and then click the “SIGN ME UP!” button. Now when you are logged in you will see your name, like below. You can add a nifty image later if you want, like mine.

6. Now that you are registered you can go back to the Vote Block and VOTE, STAR, FAVORITE! Then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and leave a comment and tell us what you thought of our story so far.

7. You can check out how HydeBound is doing versus the rest of the field on the VOTE page (if you look at the top of the Zuda website you will see the word VOTE – that’s how you get to the VOTE page!) Notice the link that says “competition support page?” Click that to get a badge to put your website to help advertise HydeBound!

8. That would normally be it, but this month is brutal. There are so many great comics everyone is saying it is one of the toughest months ever (the sweeter the victory, right?!) so there is one more thing you can do to help. TELL EVERYONE. Let people know about the comic, encourage them to read it for their own enjoyment, and then to VOTE and SPREAD THE WORD to help HydeBound win!

That would make us very happy.

Thanks for all your support, and here’s to a victory for HydeBound and finishing the tale!



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