Thank you, mystery reader.

The way I figure it, the odds are good that at least one person spotted one of my titles for sale on Nook or Amazon, liked the cover enough to read the description, perhaps read the sample, and then bought it. To that person I say, “Thank you!”

I put up my first titles via KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and PubIt! (for the Nook & Barnes and Noble) last week. Shortly after I got my first sale for Tubifex. That could have been a buddy helping me out (thanks, buddy!)or it could have been that other thing. You know, the thing where someone stumbles across your book, likes the look and sound of it, and wants to read it! And pay for it, too!

But it could have been a buddy.

Then a copy of Shiver sold on KDP!

Now, my first thought was “The reader that bought Tubifex enjoyed it so much, they went back and picked up Shiver!” My second thought was, “My son’s friend’s dad was just asking me where he could find my work online, and I told him Amazon… so it could have been him.” Which, by the way, is not at all a disappointing thought, just an analytical one. You see, I’m still thrashing about, trying to figure out all of this independent publishing jazz. (Luckily I have folks like Dean Wesley Smith and David Gaughran showing the way.)

In other words, it still could have been a buddy.

Along the way I saw no movement at PubIt! Then, this morning, I found this:

Enough time has passed from when I put Shiver out and mentioned it to my buddies on Facebook that it is unlikely one of them went out to pick that up. Thus, with three sales in the can (watch out, Rowling) I feel pretty safe to say that at least one of these sales HAD to be a new reader. Just HAD to be.

And that idea makes me happy. Now, however, I should follow Dean Wesley Smith’s advice. One of those Sacred Cows that he’s all about killing, Book as Event is, basically, the build up around selling a book (in that case, to a traditional publisher, rather than just a COPY of a book) and then becoming so wrapped up in that one-time success that you stop working. Keeping that in mind, I shall dial my celebrations down to a dull roar, and get back to writing my “Conan meets Road Warrior” short novel.

But I’ll be grinning about that PubIt! sale the whole time.


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