Coffeyville Now Available

I am thrilled to announce that my novella “Coffeyville” is now live on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and Smashwords!

I have been a fan of Harry Houdini all my life, and writing the Harry Houdini Graphic Novel, and now Coffeyville, pleases me to no end. When I visited Cannon’s Great Escapes in 2009 (an escape artist convention, can you believe it?) to promote the graphic novel, I met some of the most amazing people. I didn’t know how to pick a lock (I do now!) or slip a straight jacket, but I had an instant connection with this great community, all thanks to a shared love of Houdini.

Now that I have completed my second work of Houdini fiction, I look forward to all the similar connections that are sure to come.

Speaking of the convention, one of the wonderful folks I met there was John Cox. John runs a premier Houdini site that focuses on the very-much-alive world of Houdini today. If you want to keep up with all the new discoveries, enjoy rabbit-hunting esoteric bits of Houdini lore, or just want to be part of a community that is Wild About Harry, that is the place for you. Launching on his site today is a Houdini Quiz; be one of the first to take the quiz and get all the questions right and you could win a free copy of Coffeyville!

If you want to buy a copy of the ebook directly from your Kindle or Nook, use those links. Otherwise you can get your copy at Smashwords, where they have all formats available, including mobi and epub.

If you enjoy Coffeyville, tell a friend!



A Harry Houdini Short Novel

Coffeyville, Kansas, is known as the “Town that stopped the Dalton Gang.” Many shots were fired in the early days of Coffeyville…but there was one lone bullet, fired some years after the Daltons were laid low, that passed unnoticed by most. One man, however, would never forget; a young Harry Houdini, still some years before fame would find him. The events of Coffeyville would ricochet down through the years, giving Houdini the ammunition he would need to pull off the greatest illusion of his epic career. Can you keep up with Houdini’s misdirection?

Follow Houdini’s assistant, Franz Kukol, as he discovers the secret behind Coffeville.



    1. That makes a lot of sense! I enjoyed writing Coffeyville not only because I am a fan of Harry Houdini, but of that era in history as well. There are a ton of similarly fascinating magician stories out there in that time frame. Billy Robinson, Harry Kellar, the Herrmann the Great… I will be writing more stories using them! And, of course, more Houdini. You can’t ever have enough Houdini.

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