Well, shoot

 I actually did it. I got up at four in the morning, every morning, for five days in a row.

Yes, I know. Impressive.

Unless I actually HAD to, of course. If my job required it, or if I was a vampire who repeatedly dozed off in an open field and needed to get subterranean before sunrise. If it were for one of those two reasons, then my up-before-Mr. Sun routine wouldn’t be all that big a deal.

He’s not that impressed

I tell you that it was impressive, however, because I DIDN’T have to. I chose to. I got up a full hour and a half before I normally would because I wanted to write.

I have this goal, you see. To become a consistently selling, succesful-on-my-terms writer of fiction, and it ain’t gonna happen in my sleep.

I’ve evolved a lot, getting to this place. I owe a lot to a lot of people whom I’ve never met outside of exchanging streams of electrons masquerading as words. And I’m going to name them, one at a time, and link to their stuff, because it is awesome, and it helped me, and it will help you if you have goals akin to mine.

But not right now. I have a lot of work to do to get this blog site back in shape. But soon.

I will link to one thing, though, that came at the tail end of a long string of inspirations. I’m singling this out because it provided me with that extra push to get this transformation going, and it continues to help me keep the ball rolling.

The ball in this example is production, which all my betters tell me is key to achieving my goal. Produce the work, and keep it coming, if you want to go anywhere in this Wild Wild West world of modern-day publishing. And so I must produce, because I must achieve my goal.

So I guess I sort of DID have to get up every morning at four, after all.

Well, shoot. I’m still impressed, anyway.

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