BETA READERS! – Who’s in?

What is this all about?

I just finished my first novel! 52,300 words – works out to about 98 pages in Word, would be around 180 pages in a paperback. But when I say finished, I mean my Beta Reader (or First Reader) Draft.

What do I do as a Beta Reader? 

You read! And then you share (awww). Read it for enjoyment, and tell me what you think of it. The more specifics you are able to share, the better. Something you really liked? Let me know. Something you thought stunk? You won’t hurt my feelings, you’ll be doing me a favor by telling me! If you spot typos or misspellings or the like, please point them out! You could use Word and turn on track changes, or just keep some running notes (Chris, on page 65 you used “your” instead of  “your”, you blithering idiot)

How much time do I have? 

Well, the sooner I get the feedback, the sooner I get to publish this puppy. But I am planning a Kickstarter campaign to pay for a book trailer, the cover art, some marketing, that sort of thing, so a few weeks will pass before I can publish it. Take your time so that you enjoy reading it! But hurry up already.

So what’s this book all about then?

The name of the book and the main character is CLUTCH. Think part Conan, part Mad Max. Throw in a little Wolf and Cub into the mix. Maybe… MAYBE I SAID… a little horror…
CLUTCH is a Post Apocalypse/Adventure novel set 20 years after a celestial event that forever changed the face of Earth. The meteors started falling…and they haven’t stopped. The old earth is dead, and this Wrecked Earth is a place filled with islands of humanity fighting to survive each other, hordes of mutated beasts, and the inevitable, capricious meteor strikes.  Clutch is a “Pre-Wrecker” – born before Rockfall (the initial period of meteor strikes) and The Wrecking (the years immediately after Rockfall, when most of the damage to Earth was done) with an unusual background: born into a motorcycle gang called “The Tribe”, he learned how to survive and thrive in the Wrecked Earth. The Tribe found new purpose in the Wrecking, helping survivors learn the skills they needed to live off the wild of the land. A run in with a fanatical group went badly for the Tribe, leaving only Clutch alive at the age of 12.
The story takes place in the year 2033 and Clutch, 28, has adopted a ‘little brother’ Jorge, 16, and the two of them have made their home in New Greenville, Texas – one of those “islands of humanity”. Clutch wants to stay put for the first time in his life and build some kind of life, thinking it is best for Jorge and himself.   Unfortunately Fate has other plans, starting with the appearance of monstrous, unnatural surgical experiments showing up and harassing the townsfolk. The townsfolk want Clutch to pitch in and fight, but Clutch is caught between wanting to stay smart and safe, and keeping Jorge out of trouble. 
As you might imagine, things go from rough to worse, and soon Clutch has to ride to the rescue. NO MORE OR WE HEAD INTO SPOILER TOWN. No one likes to go to Spoiler Town.
So – if you are in, email me, DM me, give me a call, and I will send you the novel in PDF or RTF format.

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