Testing out Back Cover Copy for Clutch

Okay, so,  imagine your eye was caught by an amazing book cover, featuring this guy…

And the layout of the cover was something similar to this…

But with a modern/near-future/post-apoc vibe instead of fantasy.

You flip over the book and the back cover has an image like this…

Except instead of an El Camino it’s a Dodge Demon, and instead of fire, it’s driving like hell through a hail-storm of meteors.

Intrigued? I hope so! Okay, NOW that you are all the way here, teetering on the edge of buying the book…

You read the back cover copy below. Does it do the job?

In 2033 the Earth you know has changed.

Meteors blanket the sky and pummel the Earth. Cities have crumbled or vanished in Atomic Fire. Mankind struggles to rebuild, but can barely survive. The old maps are useless. The old ways are dead. All that matters now is power.


One man rises above the rest: Clutch. The last Tribesman. He rides across the blasted lands searching for the men who killed his people, moving from one island of humanity to another, praying his fuel doesn’t run out before his luck.


After years of harrowing travel, Clutch finally had a chance for peace. He thought he could hide from a world of violence and blood, of gun battles and up-close-and-personal killing. He was wrong.


Fate conspires against him, using herds of mutated animals, wicked surgical experiments and their master – a strange being with the power to control the minds of men. When the only person he cares about is threatened and the people who depend on him stand in his way, Clutch must decide:

Does he stand for humanity, or himself?

Let me know what you think! What works, what doesn’t, that sort of thing. Thank you in advance!




  1. I would drop the “old maps are useless” part since you might actually USE an old map somewhere in the future of the story.

  2. I think it’s really interesting. I get a strong idea about the world of the story, the hero, what he’s up against. I have three issues.

    To me it seems longer than would be ideal. I could be off on that. Have you looked at back covers of books you like?

    I think the verb tense change in the Firepower section is awkward.

    The last thing is the word “blanketed.” I know you mean it in terms of every place you look in the sky there’s a meteor, but blanketed also has the connotation of swaddling and comfort. You might prefer a different word.

    That’s all and those things are minor. I like the horsepower-firepower-willpower headings.

    I have to come up with one of these for my own novel over the next few weeks and I’m amazed at how hard it is. Did you find that? Or was it easy for you?

  3. Thanks, Barr! I really appreciate your feedback. I’m going to take a second look at points 2 and 3; I don’t want anything to be a stumbling block to the reader on this.

    For point 1 I can see that. I did read some others and this one is long-ish. I don’t know if this is a GOOD reason for it, but the reason I left it this long was to introduce three elements – character, story and setting. There may have been a way to do that tighter…

    which leads me to your question – yes, I found this very difficult! Quite a specific skill set, one that I need more practice in!

    Thanks again!

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