Between The Bubbles

Between The Bubbles is a great podcast site filled with stories and interviews dealing with the world of comics – AND Kickstarter! That’s how I wound up speaking with Darin DeVore this past week. We hit it off right away and he did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable. We had fun, and talked a lot about Clutch, the origin of the novel and it’s connection to comics, my background, and more!

Take a listen

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Fanboy Comics

Fanboy Comics is a huge comic-centric site that really supports the creators out there, like me! I was interviewed by Kristine Chester, who came up with some really probing questions about Clutch and my writing history.

Read right here

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@12thKnight (Kristine Chester)

Comic Book and Movie Reviews

Comic Book and Movie Reviews – guess what this site is about? Tons of great stuff here, and Jay, who runs the site and did the interviews, kept me laughing with his unique POV.

Click here to read

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