HydeBound Back Online & Free

What if The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde wasn’t fiction?

Sometime back there was this awesome thing called ZUDA, and comic creators could compete to win a publishing contract with DC COMICS, and it was SUPER NEAT. I was, happily, one of the finalists in the last month, and it was a great experiance all round. Well, ZUDA folded (the great experiment completed, I suppose) and the comic that I and artist Thomas LeBlanc created, HydeBound, vanished along with all the rest.

NO LONGER. You can now read the 8 page intro to HydeBound right here!


iFanboy Spotlight on Harry Houdini

Paul Montgomery over at iFanboy recently posted a Spotlight review on two Campfire Comic graphic novels, including my very own HARRY HOUDINI.

Welsh peppers facsimiles of relevant newspaper clippings and journal entries throughout, employing a young apprentice as an anchor for the nonlinear tale. Houdini’s life was a marvel and this comic captures a lot of what made him so captivating.

I don’t know what is more exciting; that readers like Paul are still discovering and talking about HARRY HOUDINI (the graphic novel) or that it is available on Graphicly for only $3.99!

Close up of panel in HARRY HOUDINI