Getting close to the official launch of Clutch, and sending out those Kickstarter rewards. Just sent the files over to the printer for the postcards and posters. Take a gander at the design for the back of the postcard!

Back of Postcard


The Way The World Ended (and Ended and Ended and Ended)

Wow. Just wow. Watch how Supercut Master Director Zach Prewitt takes clips from a ton of Apocalyptic films and elegantly weaves them into one master story of How The World Goes Boom.

I will wait while you find someone to hug.

All better? I know, I know, it’s okay.

Now, imagine it’s 20 years after what you just watched, except meteors still bedevil the planet and herds of mutant animals and monsters roam the disfigured landscape… yeah, that’s the world of the Wrecked Earth.

Read the opening scene and prologue of the first book via the links above,  and let me know what you think!



Between The Bubbles

Between The Bubbles is a great podcast site filled with stories and interviews dealing with the world of comics – AND Kickstarter! That’s how I wound up speaking with Darin DeVore this past week. We hit it off right away and he did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable. We had fun, and talked a lot about Clutch, the origin of the novel and it’s connection to comics, my background, and more!

Take a listen

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Fanboy Comics

Fanboy Comics is a huge comic-centric site that really supports the creators out there, like me! I was interviewed by Kristine Chester, who came up with some really probing questions about Clutch and my writing history.

Read right here

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@12thKnight (Kristine Chester)

Comic Book and Movie Reviews

Comic Book and Movie Reviews – guess what this site is about? Tons of great stuff here, and Jay, who runs the site and did the interviews, kept me laughing with his unique POV.

Click here to read

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Testing out Back Cover Copy for Clutch

Okay, so,  imagine your eye was caught by an amazing book cover, featuring this guy…

And the layout of the cover was something similar to this…

But with a modern/near-future/post-apoc vibe instead of fantasy.

You flip over the book and the back cover has an image like this…

Except instead of an El Camino it’s a Dodge Demon, and instead of fire, it’s driving like hell through a hail-storm of meteors.

Intrigued? I hope so! Okay, NOW that you are all the way here, teetering on the edge of buying the book…

You read the back cover copy below. Does it do the job?

In 2033 the Earth you know has changed.

Meteors blanket the sky and pummel the Earth. Cities have crumbled or vanished in Atomic Fire. Mankind struggles to rebuild, but can barely survive. The old maps are useless. The old ways are dead. All that matters now is power.


One man rises above the rest: Clutch. The last Tribesman. He rides across the blasted lands searching for the men who killed his people, moving from one island of humanity to another, praying his fuel doesn’t run out before his luck.


After years of harrowing travel, Clutch finally had a chance for peace. He thought he could hide from a world of violence and blood, of gun battles and up-close-and-personal killing. He was wrong.


Fate conspires against him, using herds of mutated animals, wicked surgical experiments and their master – a strange being with the power to control the minds of men. When the only person he cares about is threatened and the people who depend on him stand in his way, Clutch must decide:

Does he stand for humanity, or himself?

Let me know what you think! What works, what doesn’t, that sort of thing. Thank you in advance!


Only one Clutch book? No. There is another.

Hoisting a cup o mash to the big guy.

This guy. This is Clutch. He and I… we’re tight. We’ve gotten to know each other quite well over the last few months. I wrote a book about him and his adventures.

But here’s the thing. He’s had a LOT of adventures. And the one I tell in the book I just finished? It’s just the start of some pretty world-altering stuff. (And that in a world already altered by 20 years of relentless meteor strikes!)

So, while my army of fantastic first readers do their thing and I work on the launch of the Kickstarter publishing drive, I can’t help but get excited. Not only will soon – say, two months? – will you be able to read Clutch’s story yourself, but I’ll be busy writing the next installment of his adventures. 

I can’t wait. I really enjoy hanging out with this guy!

BETA READERS! – Who’s in?

What is this all about?

I just finished my first novel! 52,300 words – works out to about 98 pages in Word, would be around 180 pages in a paperback. But when I say finished, I mean my Beta Reader (or First Reader) Draft.

What do I do as a Beta Reader? 

You read! And then you share (awww). Read it for enjoyment, and tell me what you think of it. The more specifics you are able to share, the better. Something you really liked? Let me know. Something you thought stunk? You won’t hurt my feelings, you’ll be doing me a favor by telling me! If you spot typos or misspellings or the like, please point them out! You could use Word and turn on track changes, or just keep some running notes (Chris, on page 65 you used “your” instead of  “your”, you blithering idiot)

How much time do I have? 

Well, the sooner I get the feedback, the sooner I get to publish this puppy. But I am planning a Kickstarter campaign to pay for a book trailer, the cover art, some marketing, that sort of thing, so a few weeks will pass before I can publish it. Take your time so that you enjoy reading it! But hurry up already.

So what’s this book all about then?

The name of the book and the main character is CLUTCH. Think part Conan, part Mad Max. Throw in a little Wolf and Cub into the mix. Maybe… MAYBE I SAID… a little horror…
CLUTCH is a Post Apocalypse/Adventure novel set 20 years after a celestial event that forever changed the face of Earth. The meteors started falling…and they haven’t stopped. The old earth is dead, and this Wrecked Earth is a place filled with islands of humanity fighting to survive each other, hordes of mutated beasts, and the inevitable, capricious meteor strikes.  Clutch is a “Pre-Wrecker” – born before Rockfall (the initial period of meteor strikes) and The Wrecking (the years immediately after Rockfall, when most of the damage to Earth was done) with an unusual background: born into a motorcycle gang called “The Tribe”, he learned how to survive and thrive in the Wrecked Earth. The Tribe found new purpose in the Wrecking, helping survivors learn the skills they needed to live off the wild of the land. A run in with a fanatical group went badly for the Tribe, leaving only Clutch alive at the age of 12.
The story takes place in the year 2033 and Clutch, 28, has adopted a ‘little brother’ Jorge, 16, and the two of them have made their home in New Greenville, Texas – one of those “islands of humanity”. Clutch wants to stay put for the first time in his life and build some kind of life, thinking it is best for Jorge and himself.   Unfortunately Fate has other plans, starting with the appearance of monstrous, unnatural surgical experiments showing up and harassing the townsfolk. The townsfolk want Clutch to pitch in and fight, but Clutch is caught between wanting to stay smart and safe, and keeping Jorge out of trouble. 
As you might imagine, things go from rough to worse, and soon Clutch has to ride to the rescue. NO MORE OR WE HEAD INTO SPOILER TOWN. No one likes to go to Spoiler Town.
So – if you are in, email me, DM me, give me a call, and I will send you the novel in PDF or RTF format.