The Way The World Ended (and Ended and Ended and Ended)

Wow. Just wow. Watch how Supercut Master Director Zach Prewitt takes clips from a ton of Apocalyptic films and elegantly weaves them into one master story of How The World Goes Boom.

I will wait while you find someone to hug.

All better? I know, I know, it’s okay.

Now, imagine it’s 20 years after what you just watched, except meteors still bedevil the planet and herds of mutant animals and monsters roam the disfigured landscape… yeah, that’s the world of the Wrecked Earth.

Read the opening scene and prologue of the first book via the links above,  and let me know what you think!


HydeBound Back Online & Free

What if The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde wasn’t fiction?

Sometime back there was this awesome thing called ZUDA, and comic creators could compete to win a publishing contract with DC COMICS, and it was SUPER NEAT. I was, happily, one of the finalists in the last month, and it was a great experiance all round. Well, ZUDA folded (the great experiment completed, I suppose) and the comic that I and artist Thomas LeBlanc created, HydeBound, vanished along with all the rest.

NO LONGER. You can now read the 8 page intro to HydeBound right here!


– Magician for Hire –

Ohhhh, YEAH.  If there was ever any doubt I used to perform magic professionally, here is the PROOF!

Or, at least, proof that I scrounged up $15 when I was a kid and had these business cards made. And proof that I was completely obsessed with this large, Chinese coin that I turned into a necklace. No, my magic act did not have any Chinese magic in it; so why did I wear it?

Come on, LOOK at it! It’s cool. Yes, I’d say this card sums up why I love magic so much, and why I studied and practiced countless hours, memorizing passes and holds and catching angles in a mirror. Magic uses props that are interesting and eye-catching and imaginative, or takes mundane objects and transform them into the same. In short, magic is cool. This is why, despite not possessing the dexterity–or the time–to perform magic any longer, I remain fascinated enough that I’ll perform magic in my own way, by writing about it.

Now THIS guy could do some serious Chinese magic. I wonder if he had a coin necklace like mine?

My next project in this area (yet to have a start date) will be a story revolving around the life and times of Billy Robinson, an American magician who rose to stardom under the name Chung Ling Soo. Yep, that’s right. Not Chinese. Totally fooled everyone, for YEARS. Without a doubt the inspiration behind the “living the illusion” theme in the Prestige movie. Come to think of it, he is a great example of the OTHER reason I love magic so much, and germane to the reason I chose to write about him: the stories. Stories woven in magic acts and stories about magicians…they never fail to amaze. Can’t wait to get started!

Book Cover Preview for Coffeyville

Here we go with yet ANOTHER Book Cover Sneak Peek! I am such a lucky author, let me tell you. This fantastic cover comes courtesy of my friend and editor, the Inimitable Mr. Interval.  “Coffeyville” is a short novel (or “novella”) about one of my favorite historical figures and his attempt to pull off the most dangerous magic trick of all time. Coming soon to all e-outlets! So, what do you think of the cover?